What should you do if your website hacked?

My website has been hackedYour website can be hacked by a hacker in several way. Some of the main reason are :

  1. Exploiting poorly executed security policies
  2. Taking advantage of unattended vulnerabilities. .
  3. The attack can be internal or external often using spam or malware to achieve the purpose.

Currently, browsers such as Google Chrome issue a malware warning for websites that may have been compromised by an attack. This is a visitor repellent warning that no website owner wants to see when accessing his or her web page. Still, if such thing happens, first thing to do is stay calm, take the infected site offline and then assess the situation before proceeding to action.

How can I tell my website has been infected?

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Android Mobile application by pharmaceuticals

Mobile application is good way to market any brand. Here is some mobile apps developed by Pharmaceutical company which are also help them to promote their expertise and brand

1. AFibEducator by sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC

AFibEducator a free apps,  provides Doctors with an interactive resource to help illustrate how AFib can affect the heart; visually demonstrate the symptoms, risks and management strategies of atrial fibrillation (AFib); and where patients can learn more.

2. My NET Manager by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

My NET Manager Patient Android App is for patients suffering from Neuroendocrine tumors. The app helps patients organize information specific to their disease state and track appointments, their symptoms and graphing those symptoms, track tests results and graphing those results as well, track updates to their medications and insurance. The app also has a diary to track the foods you eat and a place to record notes about your symptoms, tests and appointments. The app also provides valuable information about NETs (Neuroendocrine tumors).

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Mobile application for corporate business: Transforming the way you work

Mobile application for business

In 2013 a large number of tablets and smartphone sold all over the world.Smartphone and tab producer companies’ estimate that it will increase by one third in 2014. Gartner,a leading information technology research and advisory company predict that

” In 2016, two-thirds of the mobile workforce will own a smartphone, and 40 percent of the workforce will be mobile. Tablets will be the key accelerator to mobility . “

Smartphone user is increasing for its mobility and easy access of different useful apps.In the year 2014 people are using internet from their phone and it may over the desktop internet user rate. Google search statistic shows that more than 50% of local searches are preformed from smart phones. Apple has the smart phone largest market share of around 47%, followed closely by Android, with Windows and Blackberry being the runner ups.

Many companies already have their own mobile application and many are being concern about this as they understand the user flow.Demand of smartphone and tabs are increasing for it’s easy use and accessibility of information. So demand of apps are increasing at the same rate.

Many business using mobile app for manage their business worldwide and providing best service using it. Let’s see some good aspects of using mobile application in your business.

Office when you are moving

Now it does not matter where are you sitting at this moment. Real-time access to your information can radically change the way companies do business, respond to customers and get an edge over competitors.With mobile applications, you can increase productivity in almost any department across your business. It will not be tough if you have some idea of using any application. With easy access to information work days can be more productive and interacting with company has never been simpler before smart phones arrives in market and a large number of developer working on this. Application can be connected to management software, client relationship management software, time tracking, document sharing, expenses, invoicing and more. Once the system is integrated you are ready to go.

Maintain Customer Relationships
Communication is the key to any relation. Responsibility goes to service provider to communicate effectively .Mobile application is a great way for a company to communicate directly with their clients, while adding value every step of the way. The potential for on-the-fly project management is limitless as you can track to-do’s, set project milestones, and facilitate measurable employee communications regardless of where you are.

Marketing with less cost

Business growth depends on marketing.Product and services can be promoted using mobile apps.Reaching the Recently, companies have been developing applications geared for a targeted audience with sponsorship of their corporate funders. Corporate funders in turn receive advertising opportunities to reinforce their brand and gain product exposure to a highly relevant user group. As we all know, you have to be known to make a sale!

New Platforms for Software
As mobile devices are coming with a lot of usual feature and apps the industry is also expanding. All industries have sector specific software that are highly catered their respective market(s). Early before 2010, software companies were limited to building for PC or Mac. Due to different type of devices the area expands.Companies are build a sector for mobile apps also. They are helping educational, agricultural, navigational software companies re-develop their proprietary programs to broaden their products reach.

Low cost office managent
When a business starts it needs a lot of things to buy. Some cases a smartphone application hen help stop buying some things. For example, rather than purchasing an abundance of barcode scanners to track inventory, an application can be quickly built utilizing mobile cameras to scan inventory. Just need a basic brainstorm!

By the end, mobile applications can help solve any information based problem. If you like examples, apps can help you create a virtual office, facilitate customer relationships, cost-effective marketing, re-create software for new platforms, and much more. If you’d like some help thinking your mobile application through don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email to start the conversation. Arena Phone BD already developed several mobile application in android, Iphone or jave for large and small business house which are now use for there business services or  provide services to their customer.

Advanced business already started using apps for their business.If you need to depend on mobile apps in 2016 , then why not today?

Mobile application for marketing product and services

Smartphone like android, Iphone or windows phone  are every where. As time goes on, user based of smart phone are growing fast. Each of this smart phone is full of mobile application. As per user demand  mobile application market is now growing rapidly. Over the past few years our phone has transitioned from a over-powered toy into a hyper-productive business tool. We track our time through mobile application, we share work docs through application, we mange project through mobile application, we read news through application and evry day we are getting hungry for more. Here is few  few interesting stats:

  • Over one fourth of all mobile phone are smart phone
  • There are around  4+ billion mobile phones.
  • By 2014, mobile internet usage will  overtake desktop internet usage.
  • In 2012, more than half of local searches are preformed from smart phones
  • 156 million Android devices were sold during Q1 2013 and smartphone sales in general increased by 63 million units worldwide to 210 million for the quarter. Smartphone sales now account for almost half of all mobile phones sales, which stand at 425 million units for the first three months of 2013.
  • Smartphone market share
  • Apps are developed separately for for Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices, yet if properly planned apps can be created for all devices on a single framework.

A carefully planned mobile apps can help you to :

  1. Brand your business by letting them key point of your business
  2. It will help you to keep on touch with your client on the move from any where any time
  3. It will help you to collect data, conduct survey and user feedback /requirement about your product or services
  4. It will help you to offer personalize product as per your current or future customer no matter what you provide or from where you provide
  5. And finally you make easy for your customer to choose product, place order and make payment

Many business owners are already recognize the potential benefits of mobile applications in terms of increasing efficiency, competitiveness , customer experience and sales. Mobile apps can be cost effective channel to promote your business and service. Contact us for discussion and to help you get started! skype:brightcentral  Mail:[email protected]

Top Ten Mobile Technology Trend for 2013

As 2012 drew to a close, research consultancy Juniper Research drew up a list of predictions for the coming year, all neatly wrapped up as the top trends for the mobile and wireless industry for 2013.

The No. 1 Prediction: Big data will become big business. While the scale of data generated by mobile sensors, services and applications presents challenges to network providers, the data itself can provide insight into consumer behavior and allow service providers to anticipate future patterns. Hence, 2013 will see not only continuing, dramatic growth in consumer data usage, but a far greater demand for actionable, predictive analytics solutions from players across the mobile value chain, although in some countries adoption may be tempered by concerns about consumer privacy and data protection.

The other nine trends, which are explained in detail in a free report, are:
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