Code of Conduct

All Arena employees and clients are required to abide by the core values and moral standards set forth in this Code of Conduct in all interactions and business-related activities. These criteria are based on fundamental principles like responsibility, justice, honesty, and integrity. Our success and positive impact on society depend on our commitment to these values.

1. Core Principles
  1. Integrity and Ethical Business ConductOne of our most precious assets and a factor in our continued success is our reputation as a moral business. We pledge to abide by all relevant laws and regulations in all of our business activities. Our strategy is distinguished by sincerity, morality, and accountability. We treat each other with respect and uphold fairness and integrity. The welfare of society, the commonwealth, and infrastructure are benefited by our knowledge of our legal rights and internal policy needs specific to our roles.
  2. Compliance with human rightsWe firmly believe in the honor and respect due to each and every person. We are committed to protecting everyone’s internationally recognized human rights and working to avoid any negative effects on those rights as a result of our business practices, goods, or services.
2. Equal Benefits and Employment Opportunities
  1. Non-discriminationAll of our employees are encouraged to contribute their special abilities and skills as part of our organizational culture, which enables us to offer our clients the best products and services. Without a doubt, we are devoted to treating candidates and workers equally during the recruitment process as well as during the hiring, training, and promotion processes.
  2. No Forced Labor / Child LaborWe strictly prohibit the use of any form of forced or involuntary labor. Under Section 34 of Chapter 03 of the Bangladesh Labor Act 2006, We strictly prohibit child labor in our operations. “Child” is defined as a person younger than 14 years old as per applicable laws, except for instances where it is legally necessary, such as the work or service of performers or recording artists.
  3. Ethical workplace practicesTo make sure that all employees are treated fairly and in accordance with Bangladesh’s current laws and regulations, we have implemented strict employment procedures. All of our employees’ rights are respected and upheld by us.
  4. Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination, and Health & Safety at WorkIn addition to upholding a work environment free from harassment and discrimination, it must also be safe, healthy, and favorable to productivity. We uphold a zero-tolerance stance against any kind of discrimination, including sexual harassment, bullying, and any conduct that fosters an unwelcoming workplace. To maintain workplace safety, we abide by all applicable health and safety laws, rules, and internal policies.
3. Liability for products and services
  1. Products and services Safety and AccessibilityTo ensure the safety of our products and services, we constantly develop and put into practice them with a great understanding of the legal requirements. Accessibility, privacy, and data security are all taken into account while creating our products and services.
  2. Advertising and MarketingWe promote our products and services based on unique features and functionalities and avoid engaging in false or misleading advertising that may tarnish the reputation of others.
4. Intellectual asset protection
  1. Intellectual propertyA pillar of our success and what sets us apart from rivals, our intellectual property. We are all devoted to protecting Arena’s intellectual property, which includes compositions, sound recordings, visual works, and goods as well as patents, designs, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. We will tenaciously defend our client’s intellectual property and aggressively oppose any misuse.
  2. Personal dataArena maintains the confidentiality of all users, including customers, staff members, and business partners. The gathering, preservation, use, disclosure, and disposal of personal information is governed by internal rules and procedures that we have developed and put into effect.
  3. Information SafetyWe are dedicated to information security because we understand the importance of information as a corporate asset. We have created rules and procedures to safeguard our information assets, which are essential to our ability to succeed financially and to continue to earn our clients’ trust.
  4. Information SecurityWe are dedicated to information security because we understand the importance of information as a corporate asset. We have created rules and procedures to safeguard our information assets, which are essential to our ability to succeed financially and to continue to earn our clients’ trust.
5. Ethical business conduct
  1. Authentic CompetitionOur dedication to honoring all pertinent antitrust, competition, and fair trade laws and regulations is unshakable. These laws and rules are made to stop contracts or actions that support illegitimate monopolies or restrict free and open competition.
  2. Anti-CorruptionWhether in the public (government) or private (commercial) sectors, Arena firmly forbids all sorts of corrupt behavior, including bribery, kickbacks, and other illegal payments. To prevent corruption from influencing company decisions, we abide by our internal rules and policies.
6. Environmental Responsibility
  1. Environmental StewardshipWe are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and work to be good environmental stewards. We shall abide by all applicable environmental laws and ordinances and make proactive efforts to lessen waste, conserve natural resources, and lower our carbon impact.
  2. Sustainable ConductEnergy efficiency, waste reduction, and ethical material sourcing are just a few examples of the sustainable operations we will strive to implement. We encourage our staff members and customers to get involved in our environmental initiatives.