Call center solution

Call Center is all-in-one asterisk based solution with both inbound and outbound capabilities for native or domestic Call Centers or SMEs to run voice processes such as customer support, telemarketing and sales, collections, technical support, marketing research, helpdesk and other processes. ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), Outbound Dialer, Voice Logger, Quality Monitoring, CTI, and Reporting offer a rich-feature set to call centers.

Intelligent Skill Based Call routing with ACD and IVR use configurable routing and queuing that enable efficient call handling, call treatment and disposition. You can generate comprehensive reports for agent productivity, process efficiency, organizational performance and metric tracking with the GUI-based Reporting. Listen to or download high quality voice records with optimal way.


Inbound, Outbound

Agent Screen POP

Integrated call recording


Skills-based routing

Inbound group (queues)

Campaign Creation/Execution

Queue Prioritization per campaign and inbound group

Key Benefits:

Connect your customers to the most appropriate agent and maximize agent productivity.

Increase Telesales with dynamic call pacing that empower your agents to engage more with prospects.

Improve productivity with comprehensive reports for agent productivity, campaigns, call details, call history and many more.

Easy to use GUI based interface that simplifies call routing & treatment, reporting, recording and administration