Manusher Jonno Foundation Website

NGO Manusher Jonno Foundation chose us to design their corporate website. While designing the website, trendy options, easy navigation and smart administration were our main concern.   

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SMC Corporate Website

The latest corporate website of SMC is a contemporary dynamic design with all the essential items at hand and ensuring ease of use. It is developed using CMS for better administering.

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Fusion Corporate Website

Regional ISP Fusion Net has let us design their corporate website, which was dynamically designed with simplicity retained in it. Contemporary as well as a neat look has been provided. 

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Robi Corporate Website

Robi corporate website was designed back in 2015 with the concept to help its customers with all the essential information to be handy and available right at time.

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HED Website

The Corporate Website of HED is simultaneously dynamic and responsive which is developed by Arena. The design of the website was finalized based on the predetermined government format with all the information in a more organized way.

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T-cash Website

T-cash has been designed for Trust Bank customers to support them in terms of conducting all types of transaction without any hassle.

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Health Talk BD Website

The Web-portal on relax-iplant and family planning for Social Marketing Company (SMC) is another modern-day responsive website designed focusing on its contents.

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DPP Website

The website for DPP and all offices under DPP is yet another dynamic government website designed, developed and maintained by Arena.

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IBA Website

The website for IBA (Institute of Business Administration) was developed during the early dates of Arena. But till date it is considered to be one of the standard designs in terms of institutional websites.

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Norix Website

The website for Norix and all offices under Norix is yet another dynamic website designed, developed and maintained by Arena.

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MyCash Website

The website for MyCash is developed and maintained by Arena. It was initially developed and then was merged with the main website of the bank.

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bKash- CIMT Project

Customer Insight Management Tool (CIMT) is a web-based software developed for bKash. BKash is now able to smartly process their customer’s queries, complaints, and requests and thus better analyze consumer behavior, desires, needs, motivation and opinions.

KDA Accounting Automation Project

Accounting, Payroll & Estate Management software were development for Khulna Development Authority (KDA). These systems smoothed out the management process. 

SMC- E-Sales Project

E-sales or Sales force management system with various modules is developed for SMC. Mobile version of the software is also integrated with the system.

Banglalink- VMS Project

Web-based Vehicle Management System with Mobile App is developed for Banglalink. API integration of Vehicle Tracking System with VMS was also implemented.

bKash – VMS Project

We have implemented vehicle management system for bKash. Tracking devices have been installed to track each vehicle.

SMC – VMS Project

We have developed vehicle management system for SMC. Tracking devices have been installed with each vehicle to track them down.

Rangs Group (Rancon)- Service Management Project

After sales service and warranty management system for Rangs Group (Rancon) has been developed by Arena. All of the updated modules have been installed for easier and better management.

Naafco Group- Project

Vehicle Requisition, Allocation, Maintenance, User Management, Road Trip Management, Log Book Entry, Reports and Settings are the vital modules that Vehicle management system consists of.

HED- Database Management System

Personnel Information Management System and Project Management/ Information Update System has been designed for the Health Engineering Department (HED) personnel.

Square Toiletries Ltd.- IVR based survey Project

Broadcasting message and conducting survey has been executed for Square Toiletries Ltd. through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based solution.

US AID/Surjer Hashi- Pharmacy Management Project

Pharmacy management software stores data and enables functionality that organizes and maintains the medication storage process within pharmacies.

My Banglaink App

My Banglalink App is a one stop solution for all self-care services and more. It helps to avail the best experience and informs about all the new and exciting offers and features. From availing customer service, buying internet packs, keeping track of usage and balance to managing FnF numbers. Together with Banglalink

SMC E-sales App

Android based Sales force management system is designed for SMC. Sales Officers are given certain privileges and are able to deal with the products using this app. Main features include- SO Login Page, Apps Dashboard, SO Account, Outlet Account, Deposit, Reports, Data sync.

Delta- Gono Grameen Nirdeshika App

This APP has been developed in Bangla primarily for the sales personnel of Gono-Grameen Bima e.g. Micro-Insurance policy of Delta Life; so that they can assist targeted customers to take the right policy according to their need & choice. Also any person can use the APP to know about the products & calculate premium which is very simple & easy.

Delta- Smart Life Advisor App

Delta Life Smart Advisor is a solution for our existing and potential clients as well as for our Agents while they are on the go. This App can be used by anyone who has an android phone and is available in English language.

BKB জানালা App

Android based mobile app named “BKB জানালা” Mobile Apps. Main features include- Mobile Apps Operation, system administration, system backup, setup, update, recovery, restore, network operating system etc. Additional features – Database Hosting, Google Play Store Hosting.

Training for Game Animator under skill development for Mobile Game & Application

This training is focused on developing skill development for mobile game and its application and took place in about 64 districts. Arena organized the training at Dhaka in their own training venue where Arena’s own trainers trained the trainees. Around 2800 participants were trained.

Workshop on Graphics Design and UX/UI trend

Training on HR Accounting: Concept of Human Capital Management

This training Program on HR Accounting guides the HR Professionals as well as CEO to identify, measure and analyze the entire Investment scenario as well as Return on Investment of Human Resources.

Beginning and advance excel

PowerPoint presentation and presentation skill

UN Women- Hotline Installation

Implementation of hotline service was done by Arena with supply of all the necessary equipment installed. Maintenance services were also provided.

FAO- SMS based Application (Software)

SMS based Application (Software) was implemented alongside integration with SMS Gateway Device

US AID/Surjer Hashi- Pharmacy Management Project

Pharmacy management software stores data and enables functionality that organizes and maintains the medication storage process within pharmacies.