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Our Web Development Service is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse digital needs of businesses and organizations. Whether you’re a startup or small business trying to establish a strong online presence, and looking to expand your digital footprint, or an established large business aiming to optimize your digital strategy, our web development service is tailored to your specific requirements.

We provide high-end front-end design and strong technological back-end development with a cut-above aesthetic built for a user-friendly back-end system. You will get reliable and conversion-driven web design to attract your customers/clients.

  • Custom Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Performance Optimization
  • SEO Optimization
  • Scalability
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Speed and Performance Monitoring
  • Social Media Integration
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Domain and Hosting
Technologies We Use

Arena has experienced in providing bespoke


We use the following open-source platforms for developing websites


It is a free and open-source CMS based on PHP & MySQL


It is a PHP based open source CMS. It uses MySQL for database and HTML for components


It is user-friendly, PHP based open source CMS


We use the following open-source platforms for developing websites

Website Development For SMC

SMC EL has recently started business partnership withlocal-level distribution houses around. . It is developed using CMS for better administering.

Website Development For Norix

The Web-portal on relax-iplant and family planning for Social Marketing Company (SMC) is another modern-day responsive website designed focusing on its contents.

IBA Website

The website for IBA (Institute of Business Administration) was developed during the early dates of Arena. But till date it is considered to be one of the standard designs in terms of institutional websites.

Web Design & Development Services



The dynamic growth of websites is widely noticeable. The need for websites is growing to a massive extent .The demand is increasing at such a pace that the existence of underrated companies are getting diminished. Web design and development is thus very important to cope up with the current competition of the market. So Arena Phone Bd Ltd has been playing a significant role in building satisfiable websites as desired by respective clients. Our work has always been consistent and our primary motive is to provide the highest quality service. Our team always thinks multiple times for creating unique designs and our development has always been standard. We are here to boost your business to the next level. We have highly skilled employees that are dedicated to providing an enormous service to our respective clients. Our team always provides cutting edge solutions in website development and web design. We don’t let your money go in vain. So we will never dissatisfy you and ensure to deliver for what you have invested.

The topic of web design is profound. But we can acknowledge a few basic things to help you understand web design when you go on the internet and see various types of designs in a website that is generally referred to as Web design. Rather than software development, the primary purpose is to provide a good user experience. Earlier web design emphasizes desktop browsers, but now it is used for mobile and tablets. Day by day, it is gaining much more importance. Nowadays, web designing is not so easy. It needs an expert to handle the whole process starting from the idea of the design. The person who deals with the entire process is a web designer who handles the website’s appearance, outlook, and layout.

In some cases, they also work on the content for the website. So, in that case, you will definitely require a professional to get the best possible result. Now the requirement of every website needs not to be the same. Sometimes the webpages of a website focus on simplicity rather than substantial design. Also, peripheral information on a website may lose the attraction of a person, and for that, simply designed web pages are much more wanted by most of the clients. In order to win the target audience, a web designer focuses on the critical aspect of a website. One of the essential things we consider is not to frustrate the user when they look for information. Otherwise, we may lose potential points for that.

Types of Web Design & Development

Now you are obviously eager to know about the methods of designing a website. There are two most used methods for designing a website. They are used for both mobile and desktop, and that is responsive design and adaptive design. When the content in a website moves dynamically, then it is referred to as responsive design. On the other hand, when the content in a website remains static and fixed in a certain layout, it is referred to as adaptive design. In the case of a responsive design, a designer must be meticulous and confident to put the design that will appear dynamically, and it needs to be under the control of a designer. Also, in order to get a perfect finish for a website, if the designer also handles the content, then the designer also needs to have a broader skill set. Now, after the design comes to the development, which is, in fact, another important part. As for a website, the information may not remain the same for the whole time. There needs specific improvement if required. Also, if someone wants to upgrade a website, then development needs to be done. So, in that case, a professional web development expert is required who can easily handle all the work.

Why Choose Arena Phone BD?


Arena Phone BD Limited is the preeminent web design and development company in Bangladesh. We provide the best service at a very affordable price. Our professional web designers deliver ROI driven ranking. You can definitely expect enormous design for your website and creative web development. Moreover, we develop a user-friendly website that fits in the top list of search engines. We handle web development and design in such a way that it best suits both the offline and online markets. Our digital marketing, responsive e-commerce, and scalable business website, and a wide range of web applications are our most common delivered services. With engaging web content and attractive graphic design of a website, fluid digital marketing in BD and globally is also our top service. For e-commerce website development, both static and dynamic, is developed. Also, Arena Phone BD Limited provides 24/7 support to you. In any case, we don’t dissatisfy our respective clients. We ensure quality rather than quantity service. In today’s market, the competition between every website is worth mentioning. So if you want to stay ahead of all your competitors, then our company should be your first priority. As we have our customized web designing skill set, you can easily rely on us to get the best service.

Our consistency has been noticeable since the beginning of our company. We are at the top among all other website design companies in Bangladesh. There is no other website development company that provides such a flexible service as us. Our previous clients are very much satisfied with our work, and thus we are ranked as the best website design and development company in Bangladesh. Our company has received five stars when it comes to maintaining the quality of a website. Not only that, we have worked with a lot of overseas clients and delivered their desired work precisely as they wanted. Our team has been working very hard and continually brainstorming to generate great unique ideas to provide the best website for you. Our design is also awe-inspiring, and that is why we are the best web design company out there.