Bangladesh will be the next IT hub in the Asia

Bangladesh will be the next IT hub in the Asia

The growth of the Bangladesh software industry is literally notable in south Asia. Some researchers say that Bangladesh will be the next IT hub in the Asian region. We are now in the IT outsourcing ranking list is 21 according to the Global Location Service Index. Bangladesh has the second largest number of freelancers in the world. In the present time more than 50 thousand freelancers work on fiverr, upwork and this type of platform.

We know we have around 4500+ software and ICT companies registered in Bangladesh.  More than 300,000 local ICT specialists and software developers are employed by these companies as of today.  These companies meet the demand of US $ 1.18 billion worth of software in the local industry.  

The country has benefited enormously from this strong growth, earning $800 million in 2017 from software and service exports. The primary export market of ours is North America, but many IT companies have recently begun to export to EU countries and East Asian countries, particularly in Japan.

Our software developers works so hard to provide the quality product to the international clients of the IT industry. The software developer companies of Bangladesh make their positive image to the international market by their own creativity. In the 2020-21 fiscal year we achieved 1.3 billion dollars by exporting software. Not only that, international market researchers consider the Bangladesh software industry as the upcoming emerging tiger of Asia.  

At the present time software developer firms are working on the IOT (internet of things) device. Because according to the BASIS information we have great opportunities on the IOT market. We could earn millions of dollars from this market as well.

The government of Bangladesh also putting extra effort to develop our IT industry at the top of the Asian market. Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina makes real our dream of digital Bangladesh. Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh assign the different mission to develop the export condition getting better in the international market.

The Government of Bangladesh set a target of achieving 5 billion dollar income from software export. Our authority and the entrepreneurs of the software industry working hard to reach the target point of export quantity.

Bangladesh software exports were almost zero at the first phase of the corona pandemic for six month. But our entrepreneurs in the software industry have come out from this corona pandemic by their dedication and hard work. In the last one year Bangladesh started their export in different new destinations in Africa.

Though we have so many challenges in the IT industry of Bangladesh we also have a bright future for our industry. One of our major achievements in the IT industry is that our government took on some major projects to build a technology friendly nation. Even the village people of Bangladesh are getting tech savvy day by day. Domestic market of Bangladesh IT industry is very alluring to the international market. Our students are doing very well with IT. So Many Students of our public universities have gotten jobs in Google, Microsoft and so on. International organizations are looking for the Bangladeshi employee because of their efficiency. For the last 10 years, the export promotion bureau of Bangladesh showed that our IT industry’s earning of foreign currency is increasing every year.  

We export our software to different countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, America, etc. We provide our service to the customer at an affordable cost because international clients are getting more interested in our software industry. More than 80 countries of the world import software from Bangladesh right now.  

After the completion of 12 Hi-tech parks in different districts the scenario will change rapidly. As per our government expectation, more than 70 thousands workers can get their job in these Hi-tech parks. With this our software export income could reach to the target of 5 billion dollars.   

Though we have so many challenges but we can expect that within a very short period of time we can reach at the top of the IT Market of Asia. In Bangladesh the internet users are increasing with the geometrics rate which is appreciable. Since 1990’s the internet service has been provided with very little facilities in Bangladesh. In that time a very little amount of people knew about the internet. But now phenomenal changes come to our life with the internet facilities.  It plays a significant role in our national development. Thousands of people work in this sector. We are hoping Bangladesh will be the emerging tiger of the IT industry in the world.