Leading Software Company in Bangladesh

Leading Software Company in Bangladesh


When it comes to outperforming in the software field, Bangladesh is a great destination to look up for, and most of the foreign clients prefer Software Company in Bangladesh to work for their team or handle their projects. The steady growth of the software industry has become enormous to a great extent. Now Bangladesh has been competing with the best companies around the globe. The market share of software companies in Bangladesh is worth mentioning. More than 800 registered software companies have over 30,000 employees and have generated over 250 million USD as per the statistics of last year. Around 70% of the companies are into the maintenance and providing service to the clients. Meanwhile, approximately 45% of the companies are in the core software development area. Around 63% of the companies are dealing locally and not expanded to international levels. But statistics fortunes that the percent will be 10-20% less as they will move out of the local deals and will enhance them in the international market. The software companies of Bangladesh has completely changed, and thus their skill is unparalleled. The only important thing that matters in building software is the final product and the quality of the developers. A lot of companies are out there now providing excellent service and solving all crucial matters related to the development of software. A very significant change has been noticed in the Bangladesh software development industry. The top businesses which are running at a rapid pace are using the software within their integral system. So the software is a crucial part of the development of today’s thriving market.

Moreover, after completing the software, the software companies also avail a strong relationship with the respective clients. So providing a good service helps the customers to build a comfortable environment for discussing any kinds of problems. Among many companies, this is the list of Top IT companies in Bangladesh. So these are the top 10 Software Companies in Bangladesh.


  1. Dream71 Ltd : One of the leading companies in today’s market is Dream71. This company mainly focuses on the development of a mobile application, game development, and software development. They have overtaken both the national and global markets in a short time. They have been working with scientific game development and also giving service to the education sector as well. They are doing innovative work with A2I. They are in the method of building many dynamic apps and too many unique apps for multiple organizations. Having many global partners all around the world, they are indeed expanding more and more in the international market. An outstanding software development company in Bangladesh
  2. Brainstation 23 Ltd : This company has more than 100 employees working for them both remotely and physically from all around the country. They have been working since the year 2006 and till now providing excellent service. This software company is providing services in building enterprise and customized web applications. They are also delivering a continuous service in the development of a mobile application to both local and international clients. With over 90+ talented CS graduates, they provide assistance to small and medium based clients in North America and European countries to the local clients there.
  3. Arena Phone BD Ltd : When it comes to proper and robust software solutions, then without any doubt, Area Phone BD Limited comes at the Top of the list—having multiple services that are the best in the market and meets the satisfaction of each and every client. This company’s journey started in 2007, and till now they are absolutely constant with providing extraordinary service. It took several years to compensate for failure to succeed, which has been done by doing hard work, dedication, passion, and motivation. Eventually, with the flow of time and all the breakdowns from the past, this company has grown its fleet to a more considerable extent and has great significance in the country’s software industry.
  4. The professional service that they provide is


    Arena is focused on providing the best solution by following a three-step principle

    • Team Spirit
    • Expertise
    • Customer satisfaction

    The best products they have created till now

    Arena has outperformed and provided excellent services and played a significant role in the software industry of Bangladesh. That is why Arena is rated as one of the best software company in Bangladesh. Also Best IT Company in Bangladesh. Arena also received ICT National Award 2019 for Rich Fleet. Arena Phone Ltd has been certified by ISO 9001 since the year 2015. It is also recognized by the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services(BASIS). The ICT Industry Association of Bangladesh, which is Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS), also certified them. Another certification they have is from the Bangladesh Association of call center and Association, which is, in short, BACCO.


  5. Synesis IT Ltd : One of the reputed companies to provide Large Scale services such as Government to Citizen, e-governance solution, Government to Government, and software solutions that include mobile, web and much more cross-platform development is Synesis IT. They also provide Mobile Health and Call center services. They have more than ten years of experience. Having multiplatform domains for the business, they provide neat solutions and keep the value and trust of their respective clients. Synesis has great IT recognition, as they are the best IT service provider. They are so much recognized due to having professionalism and dedication to their work.
  6. Lead soft Bangladesh Ltd : It is one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh; Lead Soft Bangladesh Ltd is offering software products, overseas software development, custom software development, software counseling, and expert freelancing. They are also covering the banking sectors, Life Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Non-Banking Financial platforms, along with providing service for SME’s and ISVs. They were established in 1999, and till now, they are providing excellent and professional service. They have international clients from Denmark, Norway, and Japan. As of Bangladesh, they are providing an excellent service locally. They have built more than 500 websites and provided a professional service to over 100 clients successfully in the last few years.
  7. Revesoft  : Based on the IT industry, clearly focusing on providing service related to the IP based communication industry, REVE systems were established in the year 2003 with top-notch service. REVE Systems has a broad mixture of products, from providing Telecommunication service and software solutions to outlying infrastructure products. The service also includes middleware. Revesoft is now among the top companies, and thus it holds a leadership position in many of the reputable fields such as Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC, SIP Softswitch, Mobile VoIP, e-Governance, Mobile OTT, and Enterprise Communication. Holding such a reputation, this company is amongst the top desired companies by most of the clients. It is undoubtedly a perfect software firm in Bangladesh.
  8. Business Automation Ltd : As a leading pioneer among Bangladesh’s ICT companies, Business Automation ltd has led its footprint both locally and globally. Moreover, serving 300 clients and having more than 20 years of experience has outperformed in specific fields. Having higher knowledge in human resources and a deep understanding of multiple business verticals, they make such outputs that drive clients to work more with them and open up new business opportunities. Their work includes-
    • One-stop service system (OSS)
    • Mobile Application
    • E-license process flow management
    • Web portal and Website development
    • SMS based solution
    • Arranging ICT related training
  9. Computer Network Solutions Ltd : Having the headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh CNS Ltd is a compact Bangladeshi ICT provider, and they provide their service directly to the government. As of 2018, it has the highest number of Bangladeshi IT professionals, and it is one of the largest IT services companies in Bangladesh. Making a yearly revenue of 75 million USD, it is in fact amongst the largest ICT companies in Bangladesh. They are also accredited as level 5 standards by the CMMI. The company’s central perspective is the development of e-Government solutions for more generation of revenue and managing specific fields to maximize the revenue for Bangladesh’s government. Being a major software company in Dhaka, it has great importance.
  10. Southtech Ltd  : Having certification by the respective URS, UK since 2008, Southtech ltd is one of the largest ISO 9001 software companies in Bangladesh with the appraisal by KPMG. They have a global partnership with oracle, and also they are a certified gold partner with Microsoft too. They were placed among the top 500 companies by Dun and Bradstreet’s 2010 Directory. Their working style is unique and professional. They are always dedicated to providing quality service and precise solutions. Recently they have been recognized as one of the 25th most qualified companies to provide Banking Technology Solution 2016. The prestigious magazine of APAC CIOoutlook has recognized them.
  11.  Data soft Ltd : The first CMMI level 5 ranked software development company in Bangladesh is none other than Data soft. The CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a very authentic and well-known industry that is formed to estimate the maturity of the software development process. It is based on the SEI (Software Engineering Institute), which is at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. The development process of Data soft is much matured and very unique. That is why the CMMI recognizes them, and they are the first to get the recognition. They have excellent software engineering skills, and their capability to be at the Top is worth mentioning. They have, in fact, very high maturity in the software application area.

As per the report of 2016-2017, the registered export earnings as per the Bangladesh ICT sector was 0.8 Billion USD from the international market, and the revenue from the local market is around 1.54 Billion USD. So from the calculation and the reports, it is seen that the ICT sector of Bangladesh has contributed one percent to the GDP of the country.

The Software industry of Bangladesh has been playing a significant role in the development of the country. This sector is bringing a lot of new opportunities, and thus day by day, more and more entrepreneurs are coming into this industry. More jobs are being given in this sector, and the contribution is also increasing. People are finding more interest in this industry day by day.

Bangladeshi software companies are very much demanded in today’s international market. Also, all the companies play a significant part in the software industry of Bangladesh. Some companies work for international organizations. Every company has a unique style of processing and handling the development of software. Its firm in Bangladesh carries out outstanding performance. Some are focused on providing client satisfaction over value, and the vice-versa also applies to some other companies. The list does not dominate any company.