Arena arranged for a 6 months training on 2D Animation, Video Editing/ Videography & Photography, 3D Animation, 3D in order to Develop skilled manpower for IT/ITES/BPO industry and creation of employment opportunities for both home and abroad for Financial year 2020-2021 and onward for High-Tech Park Authority. It is a 216-hour training having 8 trainers and 200 trainees in Natore & Rangpur districts.

Arena arranged for a 6 months training on Graphic Design (both Adobe InDesign & Quark Express) in order to Develop skilled manpower for IT/ITES/BPO industry and creation of employment opportunities for both home and abroad for Financial year 2020-2021 and onward for High-Tech Park Authority. It is a 216-hour training having 8 trainers and 200 trainees in Natore & Rangpur districts.

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Corona has brought so many changes in the daily routine of our life. This is not just about us, the whole world has suffered from the Corona pandemic. During this time we have to make some changes in our personal and professional life. For the corona pandemic the learning of our education system has changed by online methods. Even the training program is now continuing through the online platforms. Even In some universities they run their courses in online platforms so that students from other countries can take part in the courses and can continue their learning process without the hurdle of coronavirus. This is why in this news era E-learning term is very familiar to all over the world as we know.


What is E-learning? 

E-learning is referred to as electric learning because of the delivery methods of the online learning system. The experts of this related field mentioned that e-learning solved the two problems simultaneously at a time. The two problems are time and the location. Basically the delivery of training, education or knowledge collection and distribution via network interactivity is known as the term of e-learning.

Actually in this present time the researcher and the scholars still cannot reach the same point to identify the common definition for this concept because of so many different descriptions.


History of E-learning

During the Teklern Conference in Ward In 1999, the term e-learning was first coined by Elliott Massy Disney. Professors of Sydney Presy was the first inventor of the electronic learning machine which was appreciated by the tech giants of the world. They considered it as the game changer of the future education system. Other researchers mentioned at that time that this system will be an essential part for all of the country to continue their learning process. But even earlier in 1728 distance learning courses via email were introduced by Caleb Philips. So we can say that the E-learning process is very old as more than we know about it.   


Benefits of E-learning:

There is no substitute for E-learning in this corona pandemic. Without the e-learning process all education activities would have been suspended in the last two years which would have had a mentionable negative impact on education activities around the world. This has accelerated the education activities in this pandemic throughout the world.


E-learning makes the education process easier

By using the E-learning process the way of teaching methods gets much easier to the student which makes their lessons too comprehensive to understand. For the multimedia facilities teachers now can provide much content through the internet to the student to solve the complex question of the text book of their educational curriculum activities.


Availability of the lessons material

As a student needs so many materials to complete his or her lessons. By using the electronic methods it can easily provide the educational materials to the students.

If a teacher wants to give multiple video or image examples to his students he can do this in the present time through the electronic learning process.

The E-learning process makes it possible to present and collect the material without the zero hassle as the guardians want.


Cost effective

In the traditional education system a teacher has to spend a lot of extra money to elaborate or correct the education system. But in the e-learning process he or she can do the elaborating or correction process for the material on his or her device easily. For this reason they need not to spend extra money for this. 

In the same way students also can get the opportunities to have the updated material without the extra money.


Drawbacks of e-learning

Though we have so many blessings from the e-learning process, these learning approaches have some pitfalls which are making hurdles for the move forwarding the e-learning process. We know the whole process of the electronic learning process is done virtually as a result the students are deprived from the face to face interaction of the learning process which could have a negative effect on children’s personality development.

Moreover, eLearning enables relatively faster delivery cycles. ELearning enables lessons and programs to roll out within a few days or weeks. This increased effectiveness also helps students learn more quickly.

The success of any business allies on the scaling of the sales by implementing marketing strategy with the sharp execution of all segments of plans to move forward to achieve the goal of a company. In this digital world, the acceleration of the sales way of development through different types of software is very important. In general, the Sales Force Management (SFM) system is used to enhance customer relationship management. Often the sales force management system is also known as the CRM as well.

This technology helps you to track all information about your target customer of yours which is able to influence the range of your business grows rapidly. It is the daily part of your sales management. Great sales force management helps you to develop an amazing plan to have a fantastic way to satisfy the customer of your product or service.

Sales force management provides a wide range of all information you need to increase the growth of your sales including the customer data in the company’s internal software system. As a result, you can easily reach the detailed information of your customer which helps you to deliver the product to the customer according to his or her expectations.

Identifiable Processes of Sales Force Management

Sales force management is sometimes known as the tracking system which could blend with the marketing information system. This system helps to automate some sales and the management function of the company. So now we are going to discuss about the process of sale force management system:

 Ø  Identifying the target market

Ø  Identify the objectives

Ø  Assigning the executive

Ø  Time management

Ø  Account management

Ø  Territory management

Ø  Auditing customers

  Identifying the target market

Sales force management system helps a company to identify the target market where the products have the potential. As a result, the company could put their effort to work on the target market to achieve the goal.

 Identify the objectives

This system identifies the objective of a certain project based on the information which has been already given the inputs in the system.

 Assigning the executive

As we know the client’s and customers’ data are available on the system so that the management could assign the right employee for the right project for achieving the objectives of the company.

 Time management time

Management authorities have every information about the project, target, products,  customers and so on. So this is very easy to measure the task and needed time for each task to complete.

  Opportunity management

If the compiled sales force management is implemented properly then the sales opportunity could be found and done perfectly which will make you smile like the king.

 Account management

Account management is a very difficult task for any management. If you have multiple customers you could track their account by the sales force management. You could select the tools and processes you need to meet the account management efficiently.

 Territory management

Every company always wants to be up to date about the sales figures and manage the sales territory with the utmost experience of the assigned group of employees.

 Auditing the customer

Number of total customers, number of repeat customers, the behavior of the TG-all these issues are monitored by the sales force management.


Encouraging the use of the system

The size of the market of the sales force management market in the world is huge. This is a little bit easy to convince the clients of the developed countries to have this system to make the company’s working environment more organized. But developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and other enterprises are not so much aware of this. We hope slowly they also could realize the usefulness of the system and develop their execution process. Recent developments have embedded sales process systems that give something back to the seller within the CRM screens. Because these systems help the salesperson plan and structure their selling in the most effective way, increasing productivity, they give a reason to use the CRM

 How Field Force can help you:

Some of Bangladeshi renowned software firm  such as Field force developed by Arena phone bd ltd,Field Buzz Sales Force Au developed by Field information solution, iTeam Tracer developed by Ifad information and technology limited, sokrio field force &Dist developed by sokrio technology Ltd  providing the SFM service to the local and international Clients efficiently.

Field force has an expert team of a software developer who can meet your demand according to your budget and helps you to achieve the success point of your company. We have already provided this service to renowned brands like SMC. Our clients trust us for our commitment to the clients. Our main focus is the satisfaction of the clients. Field Force is such a solution that eases to perform the regular tasks for both the sales force and management of a company. It brings all the sales personnel and clients together under one integrated platform. It ensures marketing, sales, commerce, and service are monitored constantly and executed without any hindrance.

Video game is the most popular way of entertainment to our young stars. Not only young people but also people of all ages are getting interested in gaming.

The concept of video games is not new. This history was started in 1940 with Thomas T goldsmith jr. and Estale Ray Menon. They invented a device known as Kethos Ray Tube device. But before 1970 video games did not get so much popularity among the general people. In 70’s decade video games were getting popular among the young stars. At first the adult or senior member of the family did not take it in a positive way.  But with the time being when computers were taking place for domestic use, computer games also started to be liked by the senior members of the family. From that period of time online games popularity increased with the geometric rate.

The industry of gaming is enriched dramatically. Different scholars of this related field quoted that at the end of the year of 2023 the size of the gaming industry will reach 204.6 billion dollars.

Gaming industry is the fastest growing industry in the world among all types of booming industries. Now we need to know a little bit about the domestic gaming industry of Bangladesh. Related organization is saying that the domestic market of gaming in Bangladesh is more than 50 million dollars which is increasing every day.

Domestic software developer firms are developing games by earning foreign currency by exporting those.   Not only that, our domestic market is also very lucrative for entrepreneurs of our country.  Bangladesh’s gaming industry earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting the gaming software.  

There are different types of video games in the market which is divided by five division such as hyper casual, hybrid casual, casual, midcore and hardcore. Among these, user friendly gaming software getting much popularity among the young stars.  

Our entrepreneur in the related field is very interested in hyper casual games. Because the development time of hyper casual games is taking 60 to 90 days. As a result, developers can easily develop this within a very short period of time.

But 3D games are also very popular among the young stars of us. Because 3D games give the real feeling when someone plays it anywhere. So many software firms are working on developing 3D games as well.

In the present time our entrepreneur are working with America, Germany, Australia etc to developing the gaming software. Not only that we export our software to other different countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, America, etc. We provide our service to the customer at an affordable cost because international clients are getting more interested in our software industry. More than 80 countries of the world import software from Bangladesh right now.  

By seeing the development of our gaming industry foreign investors are showing their interest to invest in our gaming field.  In 2019 the Indian gaming software developer company Moon Frogs Labs had been invested invests in our gaming industry. Recently Swedish companies have started to invest in our country.   Because of the affordable cost and quality work our game developers are able to grab the attention of the international investors.  

There is no alternative about efficient video game developer’s to enrich this industries. This is why our government is taking initiative to enrich our game developers by different types of training projects. Our ICT department started this initiative from 2016. In 2016, the government launched a project worth Taka 282 crore (estimated) titled “Skill development for mobile game and application” with a slogan “Stepping towards mobile apps and gaming industry.”

According to the source, under different training project of Government, in the initial phase, a total of almost 20 thousand people got training in eight divisions (Dhaka, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet, and Chittagong).

Simultaneously the development process of 12 Hi-Tech parks is running with a mentionable speed. During this time local and international investors are showing their interest to invest in these Hi-tech parks. According to the Bangladesh Hi Tech Park Authority the 4000 crore investments will be completed within 2025 in these Hi-tech parks which will open new horizons for our gaming industry as well.  

So we hope that with the visionary initiative of the Bangladesh government our gaming industry will reach a new height. Millions of workers would be employed in the gaming industry of Bangladesh.

The growth of the Bangladesh software industry is literally notable in south Asia. Some researchers say that Bangladesh will be the next IT hub in the Asian region. We are now in the IT outsourcing ranking list is 21 according to the Global Location Service Index. Bangladesh has the second largest number of freelancers in the world. In the present time more than 50 thousand freelancers work on fiverr, upwork and this type of platform.

We know we have around 4500+ software and ICT companies registered in Bangladesh.  More than 300,000 local ICT specialists and software developers are employed by these companies as of today.  These companies meet the demand of US $ 1.18 billion worth of software in the local industry.  

The country has benefited enormously from this strong growth, earning $800 million in 2017 from software and service exports. The primary export market of ours is North America, but many IT companies have recently begun to export to EU countries and East Asian countries, particularly in Japan.

Our software developers works so hard to provide the quality product to the international clients of the IT industry. The software developer companies of Bangladesh make their positive image to the international market by their own creativity. In the 2020-21 fiscal year we achieved 1.3 billion dollars by exporting software. Not only that, international market researchers consider the Bangladesh software industry as the upcoming emerging tiger of Asia.  

At the present time software developer firms are working on the IOT (internet of things) device. Because according to the BASIS information we have great opportunities on the IOT market. We could earn millions of dollars from this market as well.

The government of Bangladesh also putting extra effort to develop our IT industry at the top of the Asian market. Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina makes real our dream of digital Bangladesh. Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh assign the different mission to develop the export condition getting better in the international market.

The Government of Bangladesh set a target of achieving 5 billion dollar income from software export. Our authority and the entrepreneurs of the software industry working hard to reach the target point of export quantity.

Bangladesh software exports were almost zero at the first phase of the corona pandemic for six month. But our entrepreneurs in the software industry have come out from this corona pandemic by their dedication and hard work. In the last one year Bangladesh started their export in different new destinations in Africa.

Though we have so many challenges in the IT industry of Bangladesh we also have a bright future for our industry. One of our major achievements in the IT industry is that our government took on some major projects to build a technology friendly nation. Even the village people of Bangladesh are getting tech savvy day by day. Domestic market of Bangladesh IT industry is very alluring to the international market. Our students are doing very well with IT. So Many Students of our public universities have gotten jobs in Google, Microsoft and so on. International organizations are looking for the Bangladeshi employee because of their efficiency. For the last 10 years, the export promotion bureau of Bangladesh showed that our IT industry’s earning of foreign currency is increasing every year.  

We export our software to different countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, America, etc. We provide our service to the customer at an affordable cost because international clients are getting more interested in our software industry. More than 80 countries of the world import software from Bangladesh right now.  

After the completion of 12 Hi-tech parks in different districts the scenario will change rapidly. As per our government expectation, more than 70 thousands workers can get their job in these Hi-tech parks. With this our software export income could reach to the target of 5 billion dollars.   

Though we have so many challenges but we can expect that within a very short period of time we can reach at the top of the IT Market of Asia. In Bangladesh the internet users are increasing with the geometrics rate which is appreciable. Since 1990’s the internet service has been provided with very little facilities in Bangladesh. In that time a very little amount of people knew about the internet. But now phenomenal changes come to our life with the internet facilities.  It plays a significant role in our national development. Thousands of people work in this sector. We are hoping Bangladesh will be the emerging tiger of the IT industry in the world.

This is a user friendly and dynamic IVR service solution to send voice and text messages. 12000 women dairy farmers, will get a total of 288000 text messages and 288888 voice messages over 12 months as per schedule, to receive information and training on improved dairy farming practices.