Arena Phone Complete Mobile Application Development For Delta Life Gono-Grameen Policy Nirdesika

Arena Phone Complete Mobile Application Development For Delta Life Gono-Grameen Policy Nirdesika

Arena Phone BD Ltd, February 2018, Dhaka – Within a very short span of time Arena has efficaciously implemented its Android-Based Application for Delta Life Insurance Company. Gono-Grameen Policy Nirdesika, an Android based App, has been specially developed in Bangla primarily for the sales personnel of Gono-Grameen Bima so that they can assist potential customers to select the appropriate policy based on their needs & choices. Due to its user friendly interface, anyone can use the App to learn about the products as well as calculate premium.

Benefits of using this app is vast which is portrayed through its features –

  1. Policy Adviser – User will be asked for some information and based on the response it will suggest the most suitable insurance plan/ product.
  2. Product Catalogue – All the features and benefits of each available products are provided in summarized form for reviewing.
  3. Premium Calculator – User can calculate the amount of the premium to be paid based on the information provided, through simple & easy steps.
  4. Service Point – List of all the Branch Office addresses grouped by Division are given, from where all policy holders will receive various policy-related services.
  5. Sync Data – Using this option user can update data stored in the server

With the Gono-Grameen Bima scheme, Delta life has been providing life insurance protection to the people with low income for the last 30 years. Therefore this app turns out to be very crucial for Delta life Insurance Ltd. and has been appreciated a lot for its simplified usability. Delta Life Insurance Company has appreciated our creativity and hard work and helped us better understand their requirements and operations, services, policies, terms & conditions seamlessly. Arena is conveying their profound gratitude to Delta Life Insurance Company, for allowing this opportunity of developing Android-Based Application as such, which will make difference for betterment.

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