Software Development on Customer Interaction Management Tool (CIMT) for bKash

Software Development on Customer Interaction Management Tool (CIMT) for bKash

Arena Phone BD Ltd, 17 October, 2017, Dhaka – Arena has yet again successfully carried out another project for BKash on Web-Based Customer Interaction Management Software. CIMT is considered to be an efficient tool in terms of managing the interaction between an organization and its customers. Communication between agent and customer might take place via multiple different channels like e-mail, SMS, telephone etc. This system keeps record of issues of their customers which are processed later on.

This software helps their Management to clearly understand their customer’s queries, complaints, and requests. Through the use of this web-based software BKash is now able to smartly process their customer’s information, consumer behavior, desires, troubles, requirements and opinions. This helps them to analyze and eventually achieve correct interpretation from the pool of data to develop effective strategies and take steps that lead to customer satisfaction, loyalty and new customer acquisition in result.

BKash has recognized our effort for better understanding their requirements and operations, services, policies, terms & conditions seamlessly and hence appreciated accordingly. Arena expresses their earnest gratitude to BKash, for providing this great opportunity of developing a noteworthy Web-Based Software as such.

Arena believes in taking challenges and happen to leave its foot mark in the field of web-based software development, mobile apps development, website development and maintenance, training (corporate and otherwise), IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities, both nationally and internationally at the same time. Arena’s creativity & technological support has always been acclaimed from as early as its establishing year of 2007. In addition to that, the recent technological advancement that took place in this era of digitalization has also helped Arena curve its success to a great extent.