Another successful work of Arena Phone BD Ltd Another successful work of Arena Phone BD Ltd

Arena Phone BD Ltd. successfully completed website. is and an informative, user-friendly, interactive and dynamic web portal to provide all family planning and reproductive health information for all special target groups, such as adolescents,youth, newlyweds, women who want to delay or space their pregnancies, women and men who do not want additional children, postpartum girls and women, post-PAC girls and women, current family planning users and potential users. It will also provide information on the location of FP and RH services from all major providers, including the MoHFW, Blue Star Pharmacies, and NGOs such as the Smiling Sun network, Marie Stopes International clinics and FPAB, and trained private sector providers.

The principal goals of the SMC web portal are:

  1. Attract and educate people about all aspects of FP/RH using reliable, accurate and
    up-to-date information, through an interactive, dynamic and informative web portal
    in Bangla,
  2. Provide the FP/RH in formats and styles that is attractive to a wide variety of
    audiences, including adolescents, youth, newlyweds,
  3. Inform users and potential users, with addresses, where they may obtain FP services
    from a variety of sources,
  4. Provide useful, timely content in a lively, attractive, easy-to-use design,
  5. Populate the web site with all of the short videos, TV and radio spots, TV dramas,
    posters, brochures, etc. from the past five years developed and used by the MoHFW,
    Development Partners, Implementing Partners, and other groups such as the Marie
    Stopes International and FPAB, &
  6. Collect website usage information to help inform decisions to improve the website.

Social Marketing company (SMC) select  Arena phone bd ltd for development of the website due to its commitment and quality of work . As full service provide arena also provide web hosting and domain registration of this work.

The Social Marketing Company (SMC), Bangladesh has marked 40 years of operation in the country. It is the largest privately-managed, not-for-profit, social marketing organization in the world for a single country. Social marketing in Bangladesh was initiated to address the rapid population growth by marketing contraceptive products to be widely accessible at a price affordable to the general population and to bring about behavioral change through extensive mass promotion. SMC is dedicated to providing opportunities for better family health for the people of Bangladesh, expanding beyond contraceptives to also address the need for ORS, TB control including TB referrals, safe delivery kits, micro nutrient powder, and Zinc tablets. SMC has been on the cutting edge of behaviour change communications (BCC) with its various mass media activities, outreach sales programs, development of the Blue Star
Network, and more

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