Mobile application ‘BKB-Janala’ for ‘Bangladesh Krishi Bank’

Arena Phone BD Ltd, 04th November 2017, Dhaka – Arena has successful implemented its Mobile Application software for Bangladesh Krishi Bank. This software helps Bangladesh Krishi Bank and their consumers to know about the kinds of loans, eligibility of loan, necessary documents, loan application form, submission system and rules, credit norms, rate of interest, deposit related information’s and much more services of Bangladesh Krishi Bank. Employee from Bangladesh Krishi Bank can understand easily different types of policy including its terms & conditions. This online system takes less time to gather all kinds of information, terms & conditions that is related to their company policy. If someone wants to know any information about their eligibility of loan and the kinds of loans, they can know it through the software. Arena is highly expressing their gratitude to Bangladesh Krishi Bank, for providing them the opportunity of creating this Mobile Application Software to make a good management to their company service.

Arena leaves its foot mark on the field of mobile apps development, web-based apps development, content development, IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities, website development and maintenance not only nationally but also globally acclaimed their creativity & technological support from the year 2007. Moreover, the recent advancement in the field of E-commerce and digital advertisement is also a success of arena. Bangladesh Krishi Bank is highly appreciating our creativity because, we have helped each other for better understanding of their services, policies, terms & conditions.

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