Arena Phone BD Ltd, June 2018, Dhaka – Arena has successfully implemented a survey conducted through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Square Toiletries Ltd. lately. This survey is conducted over phone. In this process, a computer generated voice starts right after a consumer picks up the call, asking relevant questions on different Square products. The consumers are required to answer these questions by pressing correct numbers from the keypad once the options are provided. These answers are recorded for later use.
This survey helps Square and its Management to learn as much as possible about the performance of their products. These information help analyze the current market situation and thus help decide, which marketing strategies to be applied, consumer’s response towards a particular product, demand of a certain product, its flaws and how to improve them and so on.
Management of square considers that, this survey has saved Square a lot of their valuable time, enabled them to deploy less manpower here but more elsewhere and proved to be more cost efficient compared to the previous conventional methods. And hence they have appreciated all our hard work. Here Arena would like to take a moment to express heartfelt gratitude to Square Toiletries Ltd., for providing such an opportunity of being a part of their service. Square also appreciated our work for better understanding of their requirements and operations, services, policies, terms & conditions seamlessly.
Arena has been able to leave its strong foot mark on the fields of mobile apps development, web-based apps development, content development, IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities, website development and maintenance nationally as well as globally. From the dawn of its journey back in the year 2007, Arena has worked hard and acquired acclamation for their creativity & technological support. Moreover, the recent advancement in the field of E-commerce and digital advertisement, has boosted its speed a lot.

Arena Phone BD Ltd. successfully completed website. is and an informative, user-friendly, interactive and dynamic web portal to provide all family planning and reproductive health information for all special target groups, such as adolescents,youth, newlyweds, women who want to delay or space their pregnancies, women and men who do not want additional children, postpartum girls and women, post-PAC girls and women, current family planning users and potential users. It will also provide information on the location of FP and RH services from all major providers, including the MoHFW, Blue Star Pharmacies, and NGOs such as the Smiling Sun network, Marie Stopes International clinics and FPAB, and trained private sector providers.

The principal goals of the SMC web portal are:

  1. Attract and educate people about all aspects of FP/RH using reliable, accurate and
    up-to-date information, through an interactive, dynamic and informative web portal
    in Bangla,
  2. Provide the FP/RH in formats and styles that is attractive to a wide variety of
    audiences, including adolescents, youth, newlyweds,
  3. Inform users and potential users, with addresses, where they may obtain FP services
    from a variety of sources,
  4. Provide useful, timely content in a lively, attractive, easy-to-use design,
  5. Populate the web site with all of the short videos, TV and radio spots, TV dramas,
    posters, brochures, etc. from the past five years developed and used by the MoHFW,
    Development Partners, Implementing Partners, and other groups such as the Marie
    Stopes International and FPAB, &
  6. Collect website usage information to help inform decisions to improve the website.

Social Marketing company (SMC) select  Arena phone bd ltd for development of the website due to its commitment and quality of work . As full service provide arena also provide web hosting and domain registration of this work.

The Social Marketing Company (SMC), Bangladesh has marked 40 years of operation in the country. It is the largest privately-managed, not-for-profit, social marketing organization in the world for a single country. Social marketing in Bangladesh was initiated to address the rapid population growth by marketing contraceptive products to be widely accessible at a price affordable to the general population and to bring about behavioral change through extensive mass promotion. SMC is dedicated to providing opportunities for better family health for the people of Bangladesh, expanding beyond contraceptives to also address the need for ORS, TB control including TB referrals, safe delivery kits, micro nutrient powder, and Zinc tablets. SMC has been on the cutting edge of behaviour change communications (BCC) with its various mass media activities, outreach sales programs, development of the Blue Star
Network, and more

Arena is a renowned name in the field of technological advancement. It is a global name which works both nationally and internationally. Arena providing various enterprise solution related website development, Enterprise mobile apps development, IVR and and call center solution, Education management system, Sales and remote workforce management system, fleet management system and mobile vas.   Arena is really happy to provide this website development service to such a big name SMC. Arena is grateful to SMC for providing such a great opportunity to make this innovative service for them

Arena Phone BD Ltd, 05th May 2015, Dhaka – Arena has successful implement its vehicle management software for Bkash, Bangladesh. This software helps Bkash to manage its office vehicle , including vehicle tracking, vehicle booking through SMS and web, driver management, log book management, repair and inventory management etc. By integration with live tracking system, bkash can now get instant update about the location of their vehicle together with driver information. Employee from Bkash can booking any vehicle for different type of trip through SMS, Web or email.

This online system take less time to mage both own and rented vehicle.  Bkash can measure the performance of the vehicle easily through this software. Moreover, through performance measurement they can track maintenance record of the vehicle including condition of vehicle, oil/gas status, condition of parts etc. just by checking individual dash board of each vehicle. Moreover if someone wants to give requisition, they can do it through the software. After the requisition the car will go to the place on time. Even where the car went, how much oil it needs, is it going fine or not everything can be tracked through the software. Moreover this software has an auto notification system through SMS and email. This system notifies the management and even the driver about the possible happenings. Suppose, the car battery is going to fall, the notification will come before few days it falls apart. All these notification things are customized technically in the software.

Arena leaves it’s foot mark on the field on web development and maintenance not only nationally but also internationally acclaimed. From year 2007, it is a proved marketing leader in this field. The technological support of Arena includes web development, web application development, software development, content development, mobile application development, IVR facilities, SMS facilities and so on. Moreover, the recent advancement in the field of E-commerce and digital advertisement is also a success of arena. Arena is really pleased to provide this vehicle management software to a renowned company like Bkash. Arena is grateful to Bkash for providing them the opportunity of creating this vehicle management software to make a good management of their transports

Arena Phone BD Ltd, 04th November 2017, Dhaka – Arena has successful implemented its Mobile Application software for Bangladesh Krishi Bank. This software helps Bangladesh Krishi Bank and their consumers to know about the kinds of loans, eligibility of loan, necessary documents, loan application form, submission system and rules, credit norms, rate of interest, deposit related information’s and much more services of Bangladesh Krishi Bank. Employee from Bangladesh Krishi Bank can understand easily different types of policy including its terms & conditions. This online system takes less time to gather all kinds of information, terms & conditions that is related to their company policy. If someone wants to know any information about their eligibility of loan and the kinds of loans, they can know it through the software. Arena is highly expressing their gratitude to Bangladesh Krishi Bank, for providing them the opportunity of creating this Mobile Application Software to make a good management to their company service.

Arena leaves its foot mark on the field of mobile apps development, web-based apps development, content development, IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities, website development and maintenance not only nationally but also globally acclaimed their creativity & technological support from the year 2007. Moreover, the recent advancement in the field of E-commerce and digital advertisement is also a success of arena. Bangladesh Krishi Bank is highly appreciating our creativity because, we have helped each other for better understanding of their services, policies, terms & conditions.

Arena Phone BD Ltd, February 2018, Dhaka – Within a very short span of time Arena has efficaciously implemented its Android-Based Application for Delta Life Insurance Company. Gono-Grameen Policy Nirdesika, an Android based App, has been specially developed in Bangla primarily for the sales personnel of Gono-Grameen Bima so that they can assist potential customers to select the appropriate policy based on their needs & choices. Due to its user friendly interface, anyone can use the App to learn about the products as well as calculate premium.

Benefits of using this app is vast which is portrayed through its features –

  1. Policy Adviser – User will be asked for some information and based on the response it will suggest the most suitable insurance plan/ product.
  2. Product Catalogue – All the features and benefits of each available products are provided in summarized form for reviewing.
  3. Premium Calculator – User can calculate the amount of the premium to be paid based on the information provided, through simple & easy steps.
  4. Service Point – List of all the Branch Office addresses grouped by Division are given, from where all policy holders will receive various policy-related services.
  5. Sync Data – Using this option user can update data stored in the server

With the Gono-Grameen Bima scheme, Delta life has been providing life insurance protection to the people with low income for the last 30 years. Therefore this app turns out to be very crucial for Delta life Insurance Ltd. and has been appreciated a lot for its simplified usability. Delta Life Insurance Company has appreciated our creativity and hard work and helped us better understand their requirements and operations, services, policies, terms & conditions seamlessly. Arena is conveying their profound gratitude to Delta Life Insurance Company, for allowing this opportunity of developing Android-Based Application as such, which will make difference for betterment.

Arena successfully marked its achievements in the field of mobile apps development, web-based apps development, content development, IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities, website development and maintenance both nationally and globally. Relentless acclamation has raised their level of creativity & technological support from the very beginning of their birth in the year of 2007.  The recent advancement in the field of mobile and mobile apps, has been driven in a way that has boosted success of arena to a great extent.