Conversion of traditional manual system of distribution of subsidized food grains into digitized system, ensuring Transparency & Benefits, balancing real need and coverage of food allotment on OMS.

Automatic balanced daily work distribution with accountability & digital monitoring among the technicians for all of maintenance jobs. Record repair and maintenance works, simplification of services, assessment of technicians, easy communication and saving time.

Borno is a Bangla app specially designed for children to help accelerate the basic learning of bangla letters, mathematics and shapes in an interactive but fun and easy way. The unique locking feature will keep children stick to this app only without accessing phone settings or other apps while using it.

Borno Milon is an Android based Bengali puzzle and quiz app for the individuals who want to master the puzzle of meaningful words and increase general knowledge.

My Banglalink App is a one stop solution for all self-care services and more. It helps to avail the best experience and informs about all the new and exciting offers and features. From availing customer service, buying internet packs, keeping track of usage and balance to managing FnF numbers. Together with Banglalink

Android based Sales force management system is designed for SMC. Sales Officers are given certain privileges and are able to deal with the products using this app. Main features include- SO Login Page, Apps Dashboard, SO Account, Outlet Account, Deposit, Reports, Data sync.

This APP has been developed in Bangla primarily for the sales personnel of Gono-Grameen Bima e.g. Micro-Insurance policy of Delta Life; so that they can assist targeted customers to take the right policy according to their need & choice. Also any person can use the APP to know about the products & calculate premium which is very simple & easy.

Delta Life Smart Advisor is a solution for our existing and potential clients as well as for our Agents while they are on the go. This App can be used by anyone who has an android phone and is available in English language.

Android based mobile app named “BKB জানালা” Mobile Apps. Main features include- Mobile Apps Operation, system administration, system backup, setup, update, recovery, restore, network operating system etc. Additional features – Database Hosting, Google Play Store Hosting.