Warehouse (WMS)

Warehouse (WMS)

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

A specialized computer program called warehouse management software (WMS) is created to optimize and streamline a warehouse’s or distribution center’s operations. It is essential for effectively controlling the transportation, storing, and tracking of inventory in a warehouse setting. WMS solutions are provided by Arena Phone BD Limited, a software company, which helps companies to enhance their warehouse operations.

The key features of our Warehouse Management Software.

  • Item Setup
  • Warehouse Setup
  • Item Import (Opening Entry)
  • Item Received
  • Generate Barcode
  • Generate Challan
  • Inventory Pick
  • Item Return (From RWH)
  • Inventory Movement
  • Current Stock Report
  • Out Stock Report
  • Expiry items report
  • Item Location at CWH

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