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Arena Vehicle/Fleet management Solution

Arena Fleet management offers cost-effective web based fleet management software. Upgrade from paper bookkeeping and spreadsheet-based fleet management to automated software in the cloud. Achieve preventive maintenance schedule automation, simpler fuel expense tracking, flexible reporting to improve your fleet management operations and decision making.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced vehicle downtime due to on-time maintenance;
  • Integration with Vehicle tracking system/Third-party software
  • Improved vehicle performance resulting from well maintained vehicles;
  • Safer fleet vehicles through fewer breakdowns and employee stranding;
  • Better visibility of fleet operations and costs;
  • Easier budgeting and cost controls when you can track your expenses;
  • Advance alert about TAX token, vehicle fitness check from BRTA(Bangladesh Road Transport Authority), battery change, oil and filter change etc.
  • and more ..



Feature Description
Integration Can be integrated with Vehicle tracking system/Third-party software
Common Dashboard for tracking and management system
Report , map integration, location, speed management through tracking system
Requisition Process Automated process where employee can apply for vehicle,
authorized approve and recommended approve,
return or reject those on basis of vehicle availability
Vehicle Log History logs and reports by vehicle, vendor and activity.
Scheduling /Reminder Track registration, fitness and other schedule maintainer and send alert via SMS and email
 Allocation Allocate and de-allocate  of vehicle to a person or team
Maintenance After approval of maintenance requisition authorized person can
inspect and send it to manage stock
Track on vehicle issues and repairs
Repair tracking
Track repairs and vehicle repair history and costs including accident
Report on all activity by vendor or mechanic
Mange all kind of parts and others stock
Driver log Book Digital log book of driver activity
Driver Schedule All drivers schedule can be managed and distributed
Rent-A-Car Rented vehicle information , usages, payment
Cost Management Manage maintenance and other general costs
Parking Information Information about vehicle current parking position
Fuel Information Track and report on all fuel used by your vehicles.
Track fuel receipts and expenses by vehicle
Reporting Status Report,control report,Consumption Report, cost report etc.
Mobile Apps Option available for management of various operation through mobile apps
Alert Booking confirmation via Email or SMS
Flexible User Management Admin can create as much user groups as he/she wish and assign access according to those user groups

Currently Implemented :

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