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From the beginning Arena has provided offshore dedicated service to SMS ARENA S.L. SPAIN, Neomobile S.P Italy, COCOSoft Spain and many more in their diverse projects.

Based on Offshore Development Centre (ODC) model, Arena provides customers with appropriate resources for planning, implementation, training and execution of day-to-day operations. As an ODC, Arena is made up of a dedicated team of managers and developers handpicked and trained up to the required standard of the valued clients. This team works exclusively on behalf of the customer, with the infrastructure and safety measures designed to meet clients’ specific standards and specifications including their branding. The service provisions are commensurate with time schedule and budget, and are best suited for software programming, software outsourcing, product development, application development and support. Support provisions are there as well for after-development maintenance, marketing, and bug fixing. The advantages the clients obtain from ODC include:

  • up to 60% savings compared to onsite teams and traditional outsourcing;
  • cost is lower then other country who have the similar service;
  • ready-to-use infrastructure – office space, hardware, software, and communication facilities;
  • option to have flexible time table;
  • exact match of needs and skills;
  • people knowledgeable of your business, systems and process;
  • single focus on your goals and continuous increase in effectiveness;
  • full intellectual property rights protection;
  • retention of knowledge;
  • better control over development process;
  • local HR recruitment and management policy which is much flexible; and
  • benefit on payroll management.

With Arena, clients have direct control over hiring and retention of team members including online interview, written exam, and video interview. Arena also works as Co-Branded Offshore Development Centre, with a dedicated team with clients’ brand name. We help clients from establishing the setup to managing the team on our own premises. To this effect, we ensure arrangement of all the matter to register the company (if required), all the necessary infrastructure and logistic support, office as required, recruitment and training to the recruits, dedicated support for day-to-day administration, accounting and HR operations, and daily report of development etc.

Dedicated Developer

An Offshore dedicated developer works as an extension of your in-house staff and let keeping optimal control over the entire software development process. You can hire dedicated developers on monthly contract basis, manage them as your own virtual offshore employee, and save a lot compared to conventional in-house employee hiring and hourly basis development cost. You can choose from the right pool of expertise and skills on PHP, .net, Java, Android apps, BlackBerry apps, iPhone Apps, SEO, Graphics, Oracle DBA, as well as on customer support and online marketing.  read more

Online Customer Care

Customer care is the response to the needs of customers, which is meant for delivering quality service as a means of cultivating customer loyalty and guaranteeing repeat business. Customer care includes tech support, billing inquiries, shipping statuses, new promotions, and feedback methods. Web users, especially those who pay money for a service online, often require tech support, and they want it fast. Arena can provide the following services for your customer support requirements.  read more

Image Editing

For services and solutions for product photos, and raw pictures, Arena has a full scale image editing team. With various software packages like Photoshop and various possible techniques, clipping path, masking services, vector conversion, image manipulation, image processing, photo enhancement, image retouching, image restoration, photo montage, image masking, background removal etc. are done with highly skilled task force.  read more

Video Editing

In order to present your business, production process, corporate infrastructure or your personal events, taking a video or shooting with handy cam is not enough now-a-days. For improving your business and personal video, video helps you greatly.  read more
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