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Arena Phone BD Ltd, 04th October 2017, Dhaka – Arena has successful implement Delta Life Smart Advisor, A mobile application Delta Life insurance, Bangladesh. by using this application delta life’s customer can check its Product Catalogue related to different insurance, Premium Calculator, Pay Point information, Service Point, Partnered Hospitals etc. Delta Life’s customer now get instant update via the Smart Advisor and can get instant update about the policy and all types of information that is related to Delta Life Insurance. Both agent and customer can easily get knowledge about different type of policy including its terms & conditions. This online system take less time to gather all kinds of information, terms & conditions that is related to their company policy. If someone wants to Know any information about their policy like hospital list of every district under their insurance company, they can do it through the software. Arena is obliged to Delta life for providing them the opportunity of creating this Mobile Application software to make a good management to their company service.

Arena leaves its foot mark on the field on web development and maintenance not only nationally but also internationally acclaimed The technological support of Arena includes web development, web application development, software development, content development, mobile application development, IVR facilities, SMS facilities and so on. Delta Life insurance company are so appreciate our creativity because it helps them & us to  easily find & understand their company policy,terms & conditions.

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