IBP FS Info Desk: Poultry Business Information for BeezBistar Foundation

Arena Phone BD Ltd, August 2019, Dhaka – Arena has successfully developed an Android based Mobile Application for BeezBistar Foundation on Poultry Business Information. The mobile app provides guidelines and additionally stores all the information regarding poultry industry like, poultry farm, poultry feed, poultry dealers, government rules and regulations for business registration.

Beez Bistar Foundation implemented a project namely Food Safety Governance in Poultry Sectors under financial support from PROKAS, British Council from 2017 to present in Tangal Sadar, Delduar Upazila of Tangail and Kumarkhali Upazila of Kusthia. The aim of the Issue Based Project (IBP) on Food Safety (FS) Info desk development is to disseminate food safety related messages among stakeholders, Poultry farmers, fed Dealers, LBM actors, Govt. Officials, Private sectors as well as Civil Societies in the project areas. This App acts as continuous motivation and inspiration through read and understand the food safety related issues.

This app consists of features with explicit information related to Poultry Business Information such as, Food safety and Beez Bistar Foundation, Department of Livestock Services, authorized dealers of safe food. Some of the app features allow offline support while internet access is unobtainable. Several relevant rules and regulations and acts including Animal Feed rules act 2013, Food safety act 2013 and DNCRP act 2009 of DLS, BFSA and DNCRP have also been incorporated to the app as online support. The app has been uploaded in the Google Play store for anyone to attain access and get benefitted accordingly.

Arena has been able to set successful benchmarks in the fields of software development, mobile apps development, website development and maintenance, content development, IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities nationwide as well as beyond borders. From the emergence of its journey back in the year 2007, Arena has worked hard and acquired acclamation for creativity & technological support. Furthermore, contemporary technological advancement and digital advertisement have played significant role for boosting its speed.

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