Bkash now using vehicle management system developed by Arena Phone

Arena Phone BD Ltd, 05th May 2015, Dhaka – Arena has successful implement its vehicle management software for Bkash, Bangladesh. This software helps Bkash to manage its office vehicle , including vehicle tracking, vehicle booking through SMS and web, driver management, log book management, repair and inventory management etc. By integration with live tracking system, bkash can now get instant update about the location of their vehicle together with driver information. Employee from Bkash can booking any vehicle for different type of trip through SMS, Web or email.

This online system take less time to mage both own and rented vehicle.  Bkash can measure the performance of the vehicle easily through this software. Moreover, through performance measurement they can track maintenance record of the vehicle including condition of vehicle, oil/gas status, condition of parts etc. just by checking individual dash board of each vehicle. Moreover if someone wants to give requisition, they can do it through the software. After the requisition the car will go to the place on time. Even where the car went, how much oil it needs, is it going fine or not everything can be tracked through the software. Moreover this software has an auto notification system through SMS and email. This system notifies the management and even the driver about the possible happenings. Suppose, the car battery is going to fall, the notification will come before few days it falls apart. All these notification things are customized technically in the software.

Arena leaves it’s foot mark on the field on web development and maintenance not only nationally but also internationally acclaimed. From year 2007, it is a proved marketing leader in this field. The technological support of Arena includes web development, web application development, software development, content development, mobile application development, IVR facilities, SMS facilities and so on. Moreover, the recent advancement in the field of E-commerce and digital advertisement is also a success of arena. Arena is really pleased to provide this vehicle management software to a renowned company like Bkash. Arena is grateful to Bkash for providing them the opportunity of creating this vehicle management software to make a good management of their transports

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