Arena Implemented IVR based interactive survey platform for Square Toiletries Ltd

Arena Phone BD Ltd, June 2018, Dhaka – Arena has successfully implemented a survey conducted through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Square Toiletries Ltd. lately. This survey is conducted over phone. In this process, a computer generated voice starts right after a consumer picks up the call, asking relevant questions on different Square products. The consumers are required to answer these questions by pressing correct numbers from the keypad once the options are provided. These answers are recorded for later use.
This survey helps Square and its Management to learn as much as possible about the performance of their products. These information help analyze the current market situation and thus help decide, which marketing strategies to be applied, consumer’s response towards a particular product, demand of a certain product, its flaws and how to improve them and so on.
Management of square considers that, this survey has saved Square a lot of their valuable time, enabled them to deploy less manpower here but more elsewhere and proved to be more cost efficient compared to the previous conventional methods. And hence they have appreciated all our hard work. Here Arena would like to take a moment to express heartfelt gratitude to Square Toiletries Ltd., for providing such an opportunity of being a part of their service. Square also appreciated our work for better understanding of their requirements and operations, services, policies, terms & conditions seamlessly.
Arena has been able to leave its strong foot mark on the fields of mobile apps development, web-based apps development, content development, IVR facilities, VAS solution, SMS facilities, website development and maintenance nationally as well as globally. From the dawn of its journey back in the year 2007, Arena has worked hard and acquired acclamation for their creativity & technological support. Moreover, the recent advancement in the field of E-commerce and digital advertisement, has boosted its speed a lot.

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