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Arena’s interactive Voice Messaging Service to Sisimpur

Arena Phone BD Ltd, 19th April 2015, Dhaka – Arena has launched a new voice messaging service for Sisimpur. Sisimpur wanted to provide a service to the administrations and teachers. So, Arena has taken the step ahead by providing them the required service. Finally, Arena brought the service into light on 6th April; 2015.The service is still on testing for a month. Till now it is running successfully without any complain.
Sisimpur has been working for the purpose of educational development. They always help the educational institutes by providing better service to the authority, teachers and students. They wanted to provide a service to the administrators and teachers in any educational institute. The Sisimpur television series is one of the examples of educating children through entertainment. As a requirement of Sisimpur, Arena has been created an voice messaging for Sisimpur. It will help the teachers and the authority of the institute for knowing various information’s, tips to improve better life and as well as to give their opinion about certain things. This Sisimpur voice messaging service has been maintained through a website which takes all the record of their day to day messages and replies of the users. Sisimpur authority generally takes the responsibility to provide the message. Till now, teachers and administrators of 60 institutes are members of Sisimpur’s voice message service.

The software provides two kinds of voice messages; one is broadcast voice message and another is survey voice message. In the broadcast service the listener will get a descriptive message and they don’t have to reply but only listen to the messages. These messages are generally for giving some information and tips for certain topics. On the other hand, the survey message takes opinion of the user. A certain message will be asked and the user has to answer or give opinion by choosing any option provided. There are two kinds of survey; general and opinion based. Moreover, there is a type of survey where multiple questions will be provided in the same message. All voice messages will be recorded in the Sisimpur website.

Arena has done a tremendous job with it’s’ web development and maintenance service. It provides several services both locally and internationally. They have done different projects on web development, software, web application, mobile apps, content development, and digital advertisement and so on. Since 2007 their work and dedication makes them a leader in the field of web development. Arena is happy to provide this voice SMS service to Sisimpur and help the authorities and teachers of educational institutes by providing them this helpful free service.

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