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Arena Phone enters into a content and solution distribution agreement with Unisys Infosolutions in Bangladesh

Arena Phone BD. Ltd., 28.01.’11, Dhaka – Arena Phone has signed an agreement with the Unisys Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. in order to market its valued mobile contents and solutions in Bangladesh.

Unisys is one of the mounting VAS establishments of Telecom Industry progressing in all necessary branches of Telecom sector. Offering the Telcos and CPs with varied services, Unisys Stockpile enables the users to avail different moods of VAS through unique Portals supporting all channels like SMS, USSD, UTK, VOICE, WAP and MUSIC. Its prime focus remains on designing personalized and engaging applications with futuristic approach. Unisys Stockpile acts as an end-to-end solution and is capped with various facets, viz., fully managed real time services, first-rate content procurement, aggregation and deployment, Robust Technological Platform, revolutionary and consumer-centric applications. Unisys Technical Platform is a veteran, tested and an established solution currently powering services to all 12 Operators in India and few in overseas. Its experience includes top content partners to various Telcos, and handling end to end solutions for operators like Stel, powering content on STK in Operators like AIRTEL.

Unisys’ Mobile Ticker is an innovative product wherein subscribers can avail Live Updates from BSE/MCX, investment tips/suggestions from brokers, facility of customized scripts and much more on their mobile. Unisys’ Mobile Banking is a term which refers to provision and availing of banking and financial services with the help of mobile telecommunication devices such as cellular phone, Smart phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The scope of offered services may include facilities to conduct bank and stock market transactions, to administer accounts and to access customized information e.g. balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications. It also includes the buying and selling of goods and services through internet on mobile devices.

SystemMobile banking offered through Unisys includes mini-statements and checking of account history, alerts on account activity or passing of set thresholds, status on cheque, stop payment on cheque, ordering cheque books, balance checking in the account, and domestic and international fund transfers. Unisys offers real-time stock quotes, and personalized alerts and notifications on security prices.

Mr. Sumeet Singh, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Unisys Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. also expressed his happiness at the agreement with Arena Phone. He pointed out that the support services under the agreement include all kinds of mobile solutions including micro-payment handling, mobile recharging, commercial payment processing like buy phone credit, ringtones, ring back tones, logos and other online contents from the phone account / bank account, bill payment processing, and the system for online credits, redemption from various telephone operators.

Arena Phone is proudly engaged in providing mobile contents and solutions, and is now happy to market the quality products and solutions of Unisys Infosolutions in Bangladesh. As a leader in the industry of website development and maintenance, Arena provides services to various international and local organizations from Bangladesh in their diverse projects related to website development, web application development, software, mobile apps and content development since 2007. Arena’s sister concern Website Maintain extends quality maintenance services to their websites by providing regular updates, cleaning up and maintaining sites, performing software patches, resizing and optimizing images, applying special treatment to pages, and providing SEO services.

Mr. Fazla Rabby, Director IT, Arena Phone says the contents and solutions of Unisys Infosolutions would boost the image of our company in Bangladesh because Unisys has by now achieved an excellence in the telecom sector.


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