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ARENA launches

ARENA Phone BD Ltd, 3 March 2012, Dhaka – ARENA has launched, which connects buyers, sellers, suppliers, producers and stocklot dealers on a single platform for their choice, order and supply of fabulous garment products, and for transactions over those. Supported by cutting edge technology, buyers can also browse the unique Bangladeshi garment items on their Smartphones through iPhone or Android apps. stands a one stop place to get all the information related to manufacturers, suppliers, stockists and their dealers, buyers, and fairs etc. Manufacturers from within Bangladesh can register for their business on this directory, while buyers from around the world can use this directory for quality ready products and supply items. allows the buyers and sellers to meet on this virtual market, and buy and sell stockists. The business community will get latest information about garments fairs at home and abroad. Information related to supply of machines, accessories, clearance and forwarding agents, embroidery services, skin print services etc. are also available on the directory for the garment merchants.
With the advantage of available labor, low labor cost, favorable policy support and government incentives, garments sector in Bangladesh has marked impressive growth since 1990’s, has turned as one of the major garment product exporters. We, at, have initiated a step towards digital development in the field of garment industry. Today, it’s not possible to compete in the world market without a strong online presence. With this digital platform, our manufacturers and exporters will feel an ease to showcase their products and get all information required for their business. Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGEA) has already been trying their level best to get the best garment products of the country noticed in the eyes international garments community. Renowned fashion houses and garment brands around the world can connect garment manufacturers of Bangladesh on, and carry out their communication and transactions. We only showcase the quality products from our exporters, and assure the competitive rates.

As a leader in the industry of website development and maintenance, ARENA provides services to various international and local organizations from Bangladesh in their diverse projects related to website development, web application development, software, mobile apps and content development since 2007. Arena’s sister concern Website Maintain extends quality maintenance services to their websites by providing regular updates, cleaning up and maintaining sites, performing software patches, resizing and optimizing images, applying special treatment to pages. ARENA is happy to provide such quality services through to garment industries for the promotion of presence of quality Bangladeshi garment products in the international market.

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